Thursday, November 30, 2006

Personality of the Day at Mateo's Kindergarten

Today, at Mateo's Kindergarten it was his 'Personality of the Day' day, which is meant to show off some of the stuff they like. He brought pictures of when he was a baby, pictures of his Tante Sonja, Onkel Carlo and Niki and Sofia, his cousines. His abuelos and Großeltern. He kind of got confused when he saw a picture when he was age 4 months, because he would always refer to himself as Clara...that is his sister. Today he also showed some of his favorite games: fishing, ships, cars, masks, and so forth.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mensaje de Mateo

Mateo esta enamorado de Claude, una amiga de la abuela. Este es un mensaje que le dejo en el contestador para que viniera a jugar.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mama nuevamente

Being a mom again is an incredible present. Clara was born a week ago and I still don't get bored of looking at her for hours.
Life is still chaotic, but I guess everything will fall into place. Mateo has a love-hate relationship with Clara. He loves her, but also wants all the attention from us.
We are all so happy to have a new member in our family and being all finally united!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Name debate for Clara

Mariana and I are still debating about a second (or middlename) name for Clara. Our current ideas are Anna Clara, Clara Anna, Anna-Clara, etc.

Meanwhile, a brief video with daddy:

Looking for office space in Buenos Aires

I am looking for an office for myself in Buenos Airs. I just need a desk, chair and some inspiring people around me. As my Web 2.0 project is unfolding, I would like to be with some designer / Web developer folks around me. I would also require a stable WiFi connection and of course some power for my laptop. I can pay 400 Pesos/month. If you know of anyone in Buenos Aires who has something to offer, please let me or Mariana know.

Ya llegamos a casa

Lunes llegamos a casa de los abuelos. Al final, en el cuarto de mama estamos y yo puedo tomarla en mis brazos.

Wer zu spät kommt den bestraft das Leben

Leider war Clara zu schnell für mich. Ich habe es leider nicht mehr zur Geburt von unserer Tochter in Buenos Aires geschafft. Mein Abflug aus München war für Montag, den 13. November gekplant, doch dann kam Clara schon am 10. November im Hospital Aleman zur Welt. Hier ein Foto mit Mariana, Clara und mir bei meiner Ankunft am Montag:

Nach 20 Stunden in der Luft und über Umwege, München - Atlanta - Buenos Aires, hatte ich es endlich geschafft!

Heute ist Clara schon eine Woche alt geworden...also Alles Gute von deinen Eltern, Großeltern und Abuelos. Wir sind sehr glücklich mit Clara, sie ist sehr aufgeweckt und hat immer Hunger, vor allem Nachts ist sie sehr aktiv.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

First Fotos of Clarita

As promised, I am posting the first pictures of Clara, Mateo and Mariana. Clara was born 2 weeks early but is holding up very well.

Clara, our daughter is born!

Our daughter, Clara (or Clarita), is here! She was born on November 10 at 2:28 pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She weighs about 2600g and is quite active already. She eats and cries. Mateo saw her the same evening and mentioned that she does not talk, but that she cries a lot. He loves his sister and said "Yo quiero Clara mucho!" (I love Clara a lot). We love her lots, long live Clara! I will arrive in Argentina on Monday, Nov. 13. Unfortunately, I was not able to be with my family. I will post pictures and videos soon here.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Invitacion de Laura y Santiago

Tonight Laura and Santiago invited us to join them and friends of Lauras, Sandra and Kai, to make empanadas together at her place in Gauting. Santiago grew a lot, he is about the same age as Mateo (Santiago arrived on the same date when Mateo was expected and vice versa). I shot these movies with Santiago showing off his bicycle and horses

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Tonight was the first concert of Mateo with his kindergarten friends. It was so funny to see the kids dancing, jumping and singing. I hope you have also as much fun as me with it. They played Tarzan and here it goes....