Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gaucho Tan!

Tan now is on Mate! Tan seems to like everything exotic, on this picture his seems to quite enjoy his first Mate out of the new equipment.

Look Mariana, our house...

...just kidding. I was simply carried away daydreaming. I really enjoy the architecture over here on the Berkeley side. Hard to imagine that you could order these houses in the '20 out of a Sears catalog. They a worth millions nowadays and this particular beauty will still be unaffordable to us in 100 years...or at least until subprime lending is picking up again :-)

Luleka on the iPhone

Ok. I just couldn't help myself playing around with the new iPhone in the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco. They have about 50 iPhones on display. Apple did an amazing job: from the architecture of the store to the actual products to ...!

Visiting Lena, Barbara and Torben in Bernal Heights

Today, after having a hard time getting myself out of bed - struck by a terrible cold in the middle of summer - I took BART and headed over to San Francisco, visiting our friends, the Mottes, Lena, Barbara and Torben. They are quite a cute family...that's why they are called the Hottes Mottes!

It was great to see the three, especially, so happy being back in San Francisco united with their friends!

Bernal Heights is a great neighborhood overlooking downtown from a fair distance. Less fog than usual and quite warm for summer in SF!

Here another pic of Barbara and Lena:

Video Conference: Buenos Aires - Berkeley

A couple of days ago we had a video chat with Mariana, Mateo and Clara on one side in Buenos Aires and Tan, Kathy and Michael (aka Armando) on the other side in Berkeley. Mateo documented this event with a camera, from which this picture was taken. On the other side we noticed frequent flashes...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hola from Michael in Oakland

I just got here and got warmly greated by Michael. He is the 2 year son of my friend Tan who now live in Rockridge, Oakland.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Acto de San Martin

Today is the day of San Martins death and was celebrated in Mateos Kindergarten.