Monday, January 21, 2008


These are the roots of a very big and beautiful tree in Palermo. The kids were all playing and climbing it. This tree is just great!

Clara und Eis!

Dinosaurs en Buenos Aires?

yes!!!! believe it or not some dinosaurs were in 'la Rural', and Mateo, as fanatic as he is, needed to go and see them! We had a nice time, but would recommend going to the natural museum in 'Parque Centenario'.

Remontando un barrilete

Clara y papa remontando un barrilete en el rio. Fue la primera vez que clara participa!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zoo de Lujan

For new year we went to the lujan zoo. You can visit the animals inside their cages. Even the lions. That we found a little strange. Th lions were sleeping and the people would come in and pet them.... Crazy. We didn't dare. What would greenpeace say about that? Anyway, here some pics.

and riding an elephant...

A steam machine from 1910.

Opas bulldog.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Empiezo a trabajar

Después de 4 años sin trabajar empiezo nuevamente. El miércoles 2 de enero de 2008 fue mi primer día de trabajo en CETELEM, Banco del grupo BNP Paribas. Estoy trabajando en el sector CRM.
Para los que queiren ver entren en:

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Andando en Bici

El 25 de diciembre salimos a dar una vuelta con los chicos. Mateo la lleva a clara en su bici y nosotros corremos alrededor en caso que se caigan para atajarlos..!

Xmas in Buenos aires

We spent christmas in Buenos Aires with the kids, abuelos, tio agustín and tios abuelos Carlos, Maria y fussy. It was very warm and difficult to explain in germany that we have always cold food, ice cream and eat outside under the stars... The kids were very happy opening the presents that baby jesus brought.