Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Argentine Jerusalem

On saturday we thought it was a good idea to start to explain Mateo a little about easter by going to "Tierra Santa", a theme park about jerusalem and the life of jesus. Mateo had lot of fun going into the houses and seing everything. i must say it was a little strange to see the resurrection of jesus (a big statue of jesus coming out of a mountain while listening to the aleluya), or going into a chapel were the people were praying... but it was only a set.... it is not a real church... Very strange to have a theme park like this.
Here are some of the strange people we met.

More about Tierra Santa see:

Mateo's first day in Kindergarten

Mateo started to go to kindergarten in Argentina. He is going to a german one called Meckis. His teacher comes from Hamburg and is called Arnika. He is now singing german songs and is talking these days about the "Osterhase".

At the beach in Chapadmalal

We went for 4 days to Chapadmalal (it is an indian name that Jügen is still trying to pronounce), 30 km south of Mar del Plata. We spend really nice and relaxing days with the kids, Here are some of the pictures. Mateo enjoys playing with the sand in the beach. He says he wants to live in the house at the beach.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Casamiento Carlos y Guada

Carlos y Guadalupe se casaron en Mar del Plata el 3 de Marzo. estas son algunas de las fotos y un video de la fiesta en Waikiki. Nos divertimos muchisimo y nos encanto poder compartir estos momentos con ellos. Muchas gracias!!
Para ver el album, hacer click en la foto.


On the way back from the holidays we needed to entertain the kids. After a 2 hour drive Clara was crying like crazy and Mateo needed to play a little. So this is what we found on the way!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Video para Loli

This is a video we did for Loli's wedding. We had a lot of fun doing it.