Sunday, January 07, 2007

Myers-Brigg revisited: ENTP, the Innovator...

Tonight I was revisiting my personality type on the Jung or Myers-Brigg Typology. The first time undergoing such test was at the very first course of my MBA program, the last time was just recently when I interviewed with BASE in Brussels. The two, about 6 years apart, I came out as straight ENTP, which in the strict sense means extroverted-intuitive and thinking-perceiving and is described as the "Innovator" type! Sounds great at first? Keep on reading...

Funny, but I could have told you this in 2nd grade already! A teacher of mine asked us what we wanted to become when we were older? I answerered that I wanted to become an Inventor...the entire class broke out in laughter.

So to my friends out there: I would like to do this experiment, complete one of those online tests and send your personality type to this post.

Only a few and just the most interesting things (omitting the bad ones here), about my personality:

  • Quest of the novel and complex, faith in their ability to improvise and to overcome any challenges that they face. They are highly independent, and value adaptability and innovation. They may be several steps ahead of others in encouraging and valuing change. They hate uninspired routine and resist hierarchical and bureaucratic structures that are not functional. They need freedom for action.

  • Their byword is keep your options open. Sometimes this flexibility can look like indecision to outsiders.

  • Interesting list of potential jobs: Lawyer, Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Engineer, Scientist, Actor, Sales Representative, Marketeer, and right on, Computer Programmer / Analyst / Specialist

  • Very interesting in regards to partner is that I am strongly attracted to the INFJ type, which happens to be exactly the personality type of my wife! Her personality type appears to be quite rare amongst us (1%), so I was lucky to have found the one.

You will see that once you dive into the Myers-Brigg your own personality type will read like your horoscope; you keep on nodding your head all the way until the end of your profile description. Honestly, that comparison makes these tests seem quite questionable.

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Mariana said...

i m still a infj!