Friday, March 07, 2008

Eastern German definition of Rock 'n 'Roll...psychological warfare

Came across this while reading about a Depeche Mode concert that happened before the the collapse in 1988 in Eastern Germany.

So this is a definition of Rock'n 'Roll according to the Eastern German (back then) socialist regime translated from German:

Rock'n 'Roll is an exaggerated and inflamed form of Boogie; it tempts juveniles to excessive reactions; it is a means of psychological warfare in Western Germany, to distract young people from daily political topics. (Source: "Kleines Lexikon A-Z", Verlag Enzyklopädie Leipzig, 1959)

translated from German:

Rock and Roll: Rock'n 'Roll: aus den USA stammende überspitzte, aufgepeitschte Form des Boogie; verführt Judendliche zu Exzessen; dient in West Deutschland als Mittel der "psychologischen Kriegsführung" zur Ablenkung der Juden von den politischen Tagesfragen. (Quelle: "Kleines Lexikon A-Z", Verlag Enzyklopädie Leipzig, 1959)

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