Sunday, October 29, 2006

Economist Article: Auf wiedersehen, Fatherland

Sunday morning. I am reading the Economist after breakfast. And what I read today is an Economist article about Germans emigrating and leaving their country. Net-net about 22,000 people in the first half of 2006 already. These are mostly people that are educated, those who see more opportunities for themselves abroad. The cosmopolites that can live anywhere; Munich, London, New York, etc. doesn't make a difference.

I was thinking for myself and for my family, why I came back to Germany after living for so long abroad in California, close to San Francisco. The weather, for sure, was a lot nicer, but back in 2001 many things fell together. September 11th, was a shock to everyone, and the Bush adminstration were reasons for not going to the US and rather live in the Motherland (instead of the Fatherland). My parents are also getting older and it was difficult to see them only once in year (with those 10 days of vacations that you get in the US).

Now living here in Germany, close to Munich, for almost 5 years in a row, I am inclined to leave again with my wife and now my 2 children (my youngest will be born in early December). The question is just: where are we going to live? There are options; US, Argentina, elsewhere in Europe? What is the best place to be and is that place going to be doing fine in 10, 20, 30 years from now? Where shall we settle?

One bad thing about reading the Economist is that it makes you be sceptical of just about anything. So in the end, it frustrates you mure than anything. A recommendation for a happier life is; read the tabloits is reading tabloits, like the BILD (compares well with THE SUN in UK).

If you have any answers out there, let me know...

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