Monday, October 30, 2006

Old Couple in Love and the Library

This morning on my way to work, actually, into the library of Munich, I noticed an old couple in the tram, they were holding hands all the time and when they left off at Sendlinger Tor station, they said good bye. I was tempted to ask if I could take a photo for the blog, but then it was too much to ask. I just wish that Mariana and I will be holding hands when we are 80something.

So finally, when I arrived at the library, I could take this shot with my camera phone. I love the entrance hall of the library and whenever I step into this hall with awe I remember what my German teach once said to us in 5ht grade visiting Munich; "Only a few of you will ever make it into this University", he was right, but at that time it sounded so cruel. These days I consider it a privilege to set my foot into this awesome building!

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Mariana said...

I hope that too. Like we said once until the end of our life, loving each other just as much or even more as the first day.